Sunday, March 30, 2008


Every time I work with the onions or shallots in the kitchen, usually the watering eyes is always a problems. I try to find out how to solve it, and here are some tips of how to cut on onion/ shallots without crying :

1. CHILL OUT - Put onions in the freezer 10 minutes before peeling and slicing. The cold minimizes volatile sulfur oils (the buggers responsible for activating you tear ducts.)

2. THINK SHARP - Slice and chop with the sharpest knife in your block. Dull blades crush the onion cells instead of cutting them, releasing more acidic chemicals into the air.

3. OPEN WIDE - Breathe though your mouth... inhaling through your nose lets more fumes get into you sinuses.

4. AVOID THE ROOTS - Most sulfuric compounds live in the root of an onion, so avoid releasing them into the air too soon by cutting the root off last thing.

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